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Value for money and effectiveness in voice & accountability programming: complementary practice or uneasy bedfellows?

11:00, 18th July 2012 – Christian Aid, London

In recent years, various Value For Money (VFM) tools and techniques have been proposed as the key to effective, targeted and cost-efficient aid. But are these approaches genuinely aligned with the needs of developing communities, as well as the donor agencies that promote them? What happens when they are implemented at grassroots level? And how can they be translated through citizen voice and accountability programmes?

Christian Aid will host a discussion on these issues as part of the Governance and Transparency Fund public meeting series. Following on from Q&A’s, there will be an informal Value For Money market-place where organisations and experts working on VFM will showcase their materials and resources, with the chance to interact with presenters, contributors, audience members and Christian Aid staff. 

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