Open government and open data have become the new pre-occupation of research, civic activism and advocacy in development. In the 2016 ICT4D Conference held at Nairobi, Kenya dubbed #ICT4D2016,  Tech Experts discussed the use Technology to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the Innovation Impacts. The conference held at the Safari Park Hotel gathered hundreds attendance  all sharing ideas on Technology and Development in Africa.

The conference was organized under the theme “Social Accountability Results and Lessons in Ethiopia”. Service improvement results achieved during the implementation of Social Accountability in Ethiopia in five basic public service sectors will be presented to participants. The specific objective of the conference is to deepen the understanding of sector ministries and other national stakeholders regarding Social Accountability so that they can support the social accountability activities that are spreading in the country under the leadership of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation (MoFEC).

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The Mwananchi Programme is participating in this upcoming event organized by the The University of Limerick, the Centre for Peace and Development Studies, Christian Aid and Troicare. Fletcher Tembo will be speaking in session to on ‘Thinking and Working Differently’, discussing whether current funding and monitoring and evaluation methods are fit for  purpose for working with power and politics.