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Mwananchi exists to explore and discuss how to improve the way ordinary citizens and their governments in Africa engage in order to achieve sustainable improvements in the quality of life. We seek to understand how politics shapes state-society relations and hence the practice, outcomes and impacts of projects aimed at strengthening citizen-state engagement to improve development.

 The site has five functions:

 a) Research into how citizen engagement for better policy and practice is construed and practiced in different contexts, showing possible entry points for change in the process; catalyst/ interlocutor characteristics and/ or skills that are required for promoting better citizen engagement in different contexts, and fit for purpose monitoring and evaluation.

 b) Connecting people that want to share their own experiences of citizenship and change in the various state-society relational contexts that they face (both what works and what does not work). Connect with us through our social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter)

 c) Case Study. ...... Read More

 d) Providing pointers to possible avenues and mechanisms that donors, international NGOs or other external actors can use to best support local problem solving in different contexts.

 e) Thinking about Innovation into ICT. .........

Mwananchi is a research, learning and sharing platform focused on improving development outcomes through greater citizen engagement and state accountability in Africa. This site shares new research, gathers resources and ideas, and provides a space for discussion and debate. It is a meeting place for anyone interested in citizenship, participation and accountability for better development in Africa.


Our Skills

State-society relationships where being answerable is key to delivering on trust-based roles and responsibilities 

Where everyone has an opportunity to have a voice as part of ‘Ubunthu’, forming the basis for public decisions

High impact interventions that change the rules of the game, promote inclusion and sustainable engagement

Testing Assumptions
 Exposing and learning from critical examinations of external interveners’ assumptions as to how change comes about

Issue Driven
 Where the concerns of ordinary citizens form the basis for promoting local problem solving and better policies

Examining the politics of citizen-state relations in various contexts and the possible implications of external interventions

About The Team

The Mwananchi Team comprises of researchers, bureaucrats, donors and practitioners who are passionate about changing the state of affairs with ordinary citizens and governments in Africa and have as a result chosen to join the Mwananchi Team to use this passion to mobilise other actors to share their ideas about what seems to work or not work in using governance projects to transform state-society relations in Africa. This is transformation towards more active citizenship; and more responsive and accountable government. Just like every Mwananchi contributor, they are not employees of Mwananchi Africa but are wiling to use their personal opinions and networks obtained from their positions and experiences in their own organisations or project undertakings to lead the mobilisation and coordination of how a wide range of concerned actors can enrich their knowledge sharing using the Mwananchi space.

Meet the Team

Fletcher Tembo


Director for the Mwananchi Governance and Transparency action research programme; and M&E and Learning Advisor to Kenya Drivers of Accountability Programme

Fletcher Tembo


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