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Mwananchi hosts first meeting of Governance and Transparency Fund holders’ series

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Demand-side governance: are we overstating the claims on social accountability?

21 March 2012 12:00-13:30 (GMT+00) – Public event, Overseas Development Institute and screened live online

This event will represent the first of six discussions around the broader theme of ‘demanding accountability from the bottom-up: examining what works, what does not work, and why’. These themes reflect on the four years of implementing Governance and Transparency Fund (GTF) programmes such as Mwananchi, in various parts of the world. 


This event considers how a number of GTF programmes and projects focus directly on building grassroots capacity to demand improvements in state provision of public goods, especially by hitherto marginalised groups (women, disabled people, youths).

The speakers and discussants have been selected to provide a critical review of this theme before facilitating an open discussion among participants so that they can provide their experiences as well.

Fletcher Tembo
 – Research Fellow, ODI
Kathy Bain – Cluster Lead, Demand Side Governance, Africa Region, World Bank

David Booth
 – Research Fellow and Director of Africa Power and Politics Programme, ODI 
Roy Trivedy, DFID

Alison Evans
 – Director, ODI

Follow this link to register to attend the event, and to watch live video streaming on the day: http://www.odi.org.uk/events/details.asp?id=2801&title=demand-side-governance-overstating-claims-social-accountability.

For full details of the GTF holders’ meeting series, please find the thematic paper here.

An ODI public event

UPDATE – Mwananchi Programme Director Fletcher Tembo’s presentation at the event is available here: Social Accountability: are we overstating the claims?

Other speakers’ presentations, plus a video of the event and a written report, are now available on the ODI site at the link above.

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